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What you put in your body effects your skin by 70%! Lets make it something healthy, nutritional and pure.  

I stock over 50 brands in order to have access to the very best treatment for my clients. Including health foods, supplements and personal care.

I only recommend natural and organic products. They are powerful enough as it is.

Supplements, herbs
and health foods                                         

Our soil is now very depleated due to mass production of food, therefore our diet contains considerably less nutrients that it used to. To get these vital minerals and vitamins I recommend Cytoplan. Cytoplan are food state, wholefood supplements which is essential for optimal absorption.


For herbs I use Pukka, they have a fantastic variety of complexes in teas, supplements or powder formulas, all of which are organic.


The health foods that I stock are to treat from the inside out. Everything that we put into our bodies is reflected on the outside.


The full ranges of Cytoplan, Pukka and a variety of health foods are available for purchase direct by contacting me below.


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Skin care


Neals Yard are an ethical company using locally sourced ingredients, all the products are hand made in Dorset. 


Organic ingredients have up to 68% more beneficial antioxidants than non-organic!


The majority of skin care brands use very harsh ingedients in their products including parabens, silicones, GMO's and phthalates which are best avoided and are in no way beneficial to us. Neals Yard avoid all of these.


You can purchase online through my shop below or email directly.


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