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Better skin in 8 weeks

Are you tired of waking up looking in the mirror and having the same thoughts and feelings about what you see?

Can you remember the last time you confidently went out without any make up on?

When was the last time you didn’t feel the need to try and hide your skin in some way?

Are you tired of your skin controlling how you feel about yourself on a daily basis?

Do you feel envy when you see someone with clear, glowing skin?


Do you have breakouts, redness, spots, irritated or flaky skin?

When was the last time you went a day not worrying about your skin or without it affecting your confidence? How much longer are you prepared to let that continue?


What if I could help you change all of that in just 8 weeks

I can help you get the skin you long for. That clear, beautiful, even skin is waiting for you. Confidence and a boosted self esteem is just around the corner.

In 8 weeks time you could be looking in the mirror with a big smile and huge confidence. You could confidently walk out without make up on. In 8 weeks time you could be equipped with all the knowledge to control your skin and not let your skin control you.


Learn why your skin is unhappy

Understand why your skin is doing what it is and exactly how to treat it via an inside out approach. You could save a lot of money on cosmetics and make up!


8 weeks to skin clarity

But you’ve tried to solve this problem before, you’ve bought all the products that promised the glowing skin, you’ve watched all the videos, you’ve read the blogs, you’ve bought the magazines, you name it.

I get it. It’s extremely frustrating. That’s exactly why nothing has worked for you before, it’s because you haven’t been treating your individual skin from the inside out. I’m here to educate you and guide you to healthy skin.

Your skin is what everyone else sees, you see it everyday in the mirror, friends, colleagues and strangers see it when they meet you, it plays a massive part in our everyday lives and so it’s no wonder that when your skin is not playing ball you loose self confidence. 


Your 8 week investment to have clear, healthy skin for life

We will work together to form the perfect plan that is customised for you and your lifestyle.

The Better Skin In 8 Weeks package includes:

1 hour inital consultation (Skype)

Your personal complete guide for your individual skin

£100 towards your recommended products

Email support for the 8 weeks

Plus 2.5 hours of Skype sessions split over the 8 weeks

£130 +
£100 voucher for your bespoke products (tools) to change your skin

Total = £230


What is the break down of the 8 weeks?

Go here for the 8 week time table.


Lets get started on making your dream skin a reality!

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Look what can be achieved!

"For years I have suffered from dry, flaky skin. I tried just about everything under the sun to solve this issue, I was ready to give up. I thought it was just me and my skin. But then I found Melissa! I have now completed the package and I feel so confident again. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable in her area with fantastic customer support. I would recommend The Natural Facialist to anyone! I feel like a whole new person. Thank you Melissa!"

- James, Property Renovator - Petersfield


"I was suffering with a flare up of blemishes on my face. I wanted professional guidance on how to treat my skin and how to prevent it happening again, so I booked in for the package. Melissa was extremely thorough in talking through my daily routine of eating, exercise, stress levels, and products that I was using. She straight away picked up on some things in my diet that were causing the problem and gave me alternatives. After each session I felt confident and educated about how to treat my skin going forward. Thank you Melissa for giving me clear skin and the knowledge I need to continue my blemish free lifestyle!"

- Sarah, Accountant - Alton


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